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CEGASA eBick 280 Pro 48V/13.4 kWh LFP Battery

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  • If your consumption increases, then eBick 280 PRO grows with you.
  • eBick 280 PRO allows you to shape your storage system based on your energy needs.
  • As easy as installing the number of modules you need. Each module adds 54 kWh of additional peace of mind. From 54 kWh to 3 MWh, you set the limit.
  • eBick 280 PRO can be installed in parallel, in series, and even a mixed configuration (multiple parallels and series together), allowing you to work with voltages between 48V and 900V, with multiple power set-ups.

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The CEGASA Lithium-Ion solution, always ready as it requires no maintenance or special procedures.

You will forget it even exists.

With other technologies, your batteries have to be changed every 4 years.

The exclusive LFP (LiFePO4) technology that CEGASA incorporates in its Lithium-Ion batteries guarantees the highest number of cycles on the market, giving your installation a service life of up to 25 years.


Save up to 30% of your electricity bill, due to a greater charge/discharge efficiency.

Save 100% on your maintenance costs. The product requires no type of care or intervention during its entire life.

One single battery for the entire service life of your machine. The Cegasa Lithium-Ion batteries ensure the highest number of operational cicles, just one battery for the full life of your machine.

It provides 15 years useful service under heavy work conditions and up to 25 years under normal conditions.


The eBick 280 Pro offers you a rapidly assembled self-supporting structure that significantly reduces installation time and complexity. A simple wiring system that allows you to assemble your system quickly. An advanced solution with lower installation costs.

Designed to be Plug & Play, both mechanically and electrically. Simply mount one module on top of another and connect.


Cegasa’s Engineering Department can perform remote monitoring and analysis of all the battery parameters by means of a router with internet connection.

Cegasa has developed user-friendly software that enables in-situ display of all the parameters provided by the BMS on a 7-inch touchscreen:

  • Charge status
  • Life-cycle status
  • System current measurement
  • String voltage measurement
  • Temperature and voltage maximum and minimum measurements at both string and module levels
  • Battery status (charge, discharge, balance, stand-by, etc.)
  • It is also possible to connect and disconnect the contactor and to order equalization of the battery.


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