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Growatt SPF 12KT HVM 12 kW 48V Hybrid Inverter

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The Growatt SPF12000KT HVM Hybrid Inverter is a versatile and powerful solution designed for off-grid applications where reliable backup power and efficient energy self-consumption are essential. This 12kW, 48V inverter integrates advanced technology with user-friendly features to enhance any off-grid power system.

Ideal for residential or commercial settings that require a dependable power supply independent of the grid, including rural homes, remote facilities, and areas with frequent power disruptions. Offering seamless integration of solar and grid power with prioritization controls, the Growatt SPF12000KT HVM ensures energy availability and optimizes power usage, reducing reliance on traditional power sources and lowering energy costs.

Key features

  • Integrated MPPT charge controller: Maximizes the efficiency of solar panels by ensuring that the solar array is operating at its optimal power point, enhancing overall energy production.
  • High capacity and scalability: Provides a robust 12 kW power output with options to parallel multiple units for increased capacity and redundancy.
  • Built-in low frequency transformer: Features a pure copper transformer that ensures stability and safety in power conversion, suitable for sensitive electronic devices.
  • Configurable input priority: Allows users to set either grid or solar input as the priority source, enabling flexible energy management and improved self-sufficiency.
  • Advanced monitoring options: Includes optional WIFI/GPRS for remote monitoring, allowing users to manage system settings and monitor performance remotely via smartphone or computer.
  • LED display: Offers a clear, user-friendly interface for real-time system information and operational adjustments.
  • Robust design: Engineered to perform in various environmental conditions, ensuring reliability and longevity of the system.

Growatt is renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality in the renewable energy sector. The SPF12000KT HVM model exemplifies Growatt’s dedication to providing advanced energy solutions that meet the growing needs of global consumers for sustainable and reliable power alternatives.


  • Capacity: 12 kW / 48V
  • Technology: Hybrid inverter with low frequency transformer
  • Monitoring: Optional WIFI/GPRS
  • Display: LED interface
  • Installation: Configurable for grid or solar priority; parallel capability for larger systems

The Growatt SPF12000T HVM Hybrid Inverter is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking to enhance their energy independence with a reliable, high-performance solution. With its flexible configuration, durable design, and smart monitoring capabilities, this inverter offers an efficient way to manage power needs while supporting a sustainable future. Whether for home, business, or remote application, the Growatt SPF12000T HVM stands out as a top-tier choice in off-grid energy solutions.


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