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GoodWe GW50KS-MT 50 kW 3 Phase 5 MPPT String Inverter

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  • Model: GW50KS-MT
  • Max. Input Voltage (V) 1100 1100
  • MPPT Operating Voltage Range (V) 200 ~ 950
  • Start-up Voltage (V) 180
  • Nominal Input Voltage (V) 600
  • Max. Input Current per MPPT (A) 30
  • Max. Short Circuit Current per MPPT (A) 37.5
  • Number of MPP Trackers 5
  • Number of Strings per MPPT 2

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The GoodWe SMT Series three-phase inverter is ideal for commercial rooftop system solutions. The SMT series achieves maximum efficiency of 98.8% and features unique design highlights, including solid capacitors, fuse-free design, and optional Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) function. These new features ensure a longer lifespan and a higher safety level of operation, allowing for an improved user experience. With a compact design and weight of just 40 kg, the SMT series is more convenient to install. With a maximum DC input voltage of 1100V, a wider MPPT range for complex rooftops, and a start-up voltage of 180V, the SMT series guarantees an earlier generation of power and a longer working time to maximize long-term returns and profitability in safe operating conditions.

Superb Safety & Reliability

Both the DC side and AC side are equipped with optional Type II surge protection to protect the inverter from lightning, providing upgraded safety and reliability for the PV system. With optional Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI), the inverter is able to detect arc fault failure, sending alarms through monitoring systems and breaking the circuit simultaneously.

Friendly & Thoughtful Design

With the optional integrated PLC technology, SMT 25-36kW Series strives for cost efficient communications. Featuring a compact design with a weight of just 40 kg and compact design, the inverter is exceptionally easy to handle.

Optimal Generation for Higher Return

SMT is designed to meet the increasing demand for 182mm and 210mm high power modules. With large current input and 130% DC oversizing and 110% AC overloading capacity, the system efficiency is enormously enhanced. Wide MPPT Range enables the solar system to start at an early stage, fully utilizing the daytime to maximize solar powered energy generation, giving the highest yield.


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